Spoilers – Yes

Rating – 9/10

I first came across Borgia (not to be confused with The Borgias) about 6 months ago, I just love history and I did not quite know what to expect with this series. I had just finished watching Medici Masters of Florence and loved it! ( I will be giving my personal review about Medici soon) I am currently watching Borgia for the second time at the moment with my partner, it took some serious persuading for him to watch it with me. He is enjoying the series too.

It is a series full of sex, naked bodies, blood, guts, death, disease, triumph, bad language, defeat, more sex, infidelity, incest and some serious dodgy dealings! The show is rated an 18.

Borgia is based on actual historical events, some are so outrageous that google comes into play quite a bit, as you may find yourself googling the characters and learning more about them. I certainly did! It was quite satisfying!

The show is about the trials and tribulations of the Borgia family, if you can get past the rather corny opening credits then you are in for treat! After watching the all of the episodes, I enjoyed watching how Cesare rose to power using his sense of genius and craziness, watching him grow into himself as a man and a leader was awe inspiring, I found myself quoting him around the house when I had finished an episode ” I am Cesare Borgia!” he was certainly a very colourful fellow and depicted amazingly well by Mark Rider, with whom you see rather a lot of! You see rather a lot of most of the cast members to be honest….anyway I found it interesting how the Borgia family would do anything to stay on top, the Pope wormed his way into power and did his upmost to stay there using any means necessary. They wanted to rule all the Papal states, starting wars with neighbouring Italian states to get what they want.

I do not want to give too much away, however this series is a must if you are into history. I just loved it!

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I will post another one very soon!

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