This is my first post! I feel quite excited about this new journey I have found myself on. If you have landed here on my very new blog then welcome one and all and thank you for coming. I hope you will enjoy the ride as much as I intend to! A little about me, I am a mother of three children eldest is 20 and youngest is 4 with an 18 year old in the middle. I love being a mum. After a fun filled day doing mum stuff,  I like nothing more than to snuggle down with Netflix (as many of you do! My guilty pleasure for sure). I enjoy writing so much and expressing myself, then I thought to myself, hey write about the shows I love! So I will! I will write about those I enjoy and highly rate and those that make me cringe.

I intend this blog to be an open and honest account of what I have been watching,  I will be ready to review the show to the best of my ability! Please be aware there maybe spoilers! I will rate the show and indicate if there are spoilers, I would not want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment. So sit back and enjoy my first review. I will post it as soon as I can!

After much thought I have decided to mix my blog up a bit, I would it to have a personal tone, so I guess that it will be a blog within a blog if you like. You will be able to find my reviews and also other subjects close to my heart, that I choose to write about.

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